Who is Fashion Nova Vendor?

As a consumer, you probably have yet to learn who is behind the brands you buy. You may have never heard of a brand like Everlane, which tries to be transparent about its supplier relationships. But you might be surprised that Fashion Nova has 1,000 vendors based in China and Los Angeles who can produce between 600 and 900 new items every week. The Fashion Nova website doesn’t disclose the names of the third-party brands made by these vendors. Still, unboxing videos on YouTube show customers receiving brands like Cello, Sneak Peek, and Ambiance.

Fernando Axjup

At least one vendor who worked at Fashion Nova claims the company owes him back wages. Fernando Axjup, listed as the factory’s owner in one iteration, says the company changed names to avoid paying employees. He claims he had access to payroll data and knew that the factory was not paying minimum wage. He says he never visited the factory floor; instead, he was paid less than minimum wage.


TradeGala is a fashion-buying platform that connects buyers with top international brands. TradeGala fashion nova vendor listings are ready for shipping within days. These wholesale fashion vendors specialize in streetwear and clubwear. They are also available for special occasions. Interested buyers can sign up for free and find a Fashion Nova vendor to sell their products.


The online clothing store Fashion Nova has been a fixture on the web for five years, minting thousands of tube dresses and streetwear looks every week. Its products are inspired by celebrity looks and paparazzi photos and are aimed at young women who aren’t afraid to take risks. The site claims to have a loyal following of over eighty percent repeat customers. The company also uses consumer feedback to improve its products and services.

In November, Fashion Nova released a collaboration collection with singer Cardi B. Before she rose to fame, Cardi B had been sharing posts about the company on her Instagram account. She has since gained popularity for her role in Love and Hip Hop New York and is one of the most sought-after celebrities on the market. Recently, she was seen sitting in the front row at Alexander Wang and Marc Jacobs’s shows and wearing Moschino clothing for the Met Gala.

Regarding ethics, Fashion Nova sources its merchandise from a global network of manufacturers. Although the company does not disclose the names of its suppliers, many of them are based in other countries. Some of the company’s suppliers are in China, while others are in India or Brazil.

Fashion Nova has had several brushes with the Federal Trade Commission. In April 2017, the company agreed to pay $500,000 to three female employees who filed lawsuits. This settlement will settle multiple cases involving sexual harassment.

Anifa Mvuemba

Anifa Mvuemba is the founder of Hanifa, a famous Black-womaned label with a successful sample sale. She aims to make everyone look and feel great. Her latest collection features a zebra-print Carrie Wrap Dress and a reversible shearling coat. Her new capsule collection is a celebration of life and happiness.

Honey Bum

The lawsuit claims Fashion Nova has a stranglehold over the “fast fashion” market and has targeted Honey Bum as a “threat.” In the complaint, Honey Bum argues that Fashion Nova violated the Sherman antitrust act and her right to fair competition. The company is also accused of “patrolling” sales orders filled by Honey Bum vendors.

Honey Bum is an online retailer that sells clothes and accessories for women. Many celebrities and social media influencers use its clothing and accessories. The company claims to offer the best quality and cheapest prices on the Internet. The company’s products are also made to last.

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