Who Helps Politicians Pick Clothes?

You might be wondering, “Who helps politicians pick clothes?” There are several reasons why politicians may hire stylists. They may contact showrooms or brand ambassadors to obtain the right pieces. Others may lend them to politicians to wear. In either case, the clothing designer may want to avoid seeing the items returned.


Politicians have teams that help them pick clothes and ensure they look their best. Their image is essential, and they must project a professional and down-to-earth image. Choosing to clothe is no small task, and the decision is rarely taken lightly. In the United States, many significant politicians hire stylists and image consultants.

Political campaign funding is allocated to fashion and style. Many politicians hire a personal stylist, such as Corey Roche in D.C., who said that the importance of clothes and fashion in campaigning is enormous. A personal stylist knows how to choose clothes and make the most of a politician’s limited budget.

Politicians often need help with clothing selections because they are so busy and need more time to plan their wardrobes. For instance, President Barack Obama wears a suit by the tailor Martin Greenfield, which costs around $2,000. While Hillary Clinton’s $12,000 Armani jacket was ridiculed, Trump’s Brioni wardrobe hasn’t been the subject of criticism. Brioni suits can cost anywhere from $5,250 to $6,900.

Color of clothing

The color of clothing worn by politicians can be a symbol of their political affiliations or an expression of their values. Most politicians wear black suits with solid dark-colored ties. Women, on the other hand, tend to wear neutral work suits with conservative accessories and shoes. The use of purple robes by the royal family in the Middle Ages, when the color was expensive, was a sign of social status.

Green is another color commonly worn by politicians. In Australia, the green color symbolizes the National Party, while in Northern Ireland, it is the color of the Green Party. In Canada, the green color is often worn by right-wing populist parties, such as the Reform Party of Canada and the Canadian Alliance. In the United Kingdom, the Conservatives used green to represent the North East, while the Liberals and the Labour Party used blue and orange.

White clothing can be a symbol of the freedom and equality of women. In recent history, it has been the color of choice for many female politicians. A recent example is Kamala Harris, the first female vice president in the United States. In November, she wore an all-white pantsuit. She was making a political statement but wearing white also symbolized female solidarity, and the long women’s rights struggle.

In the United Kingdom, red is associated with the labor movement. The British Labour Party’s anthem refers to this. Before 1960, red was used to denote the British Empire. The color originated from the Redcoats that wore worn by the British army. However, this use of red became obsolete with colonial independence.

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