What is a Fashion Challenge in Pokemon Go?

Niantic has been throwing a few curveballs at the Pokemon Go player base; this time, we are getting a Fashion Challenger! It’s a timed research reward for the Fashion Week 2022 event. You can access new outfits and pieces as you complete Timed Research tasks and earn these Fashion Challengers.


The Pokemon Go fashion challenge has just started and features some new Pokemon and new costumes. The latest addition is Mareanie, a water poison type. This new Pokemon will appear in events and three-star raids. It also evolves into the new Toxapex. You can find Mareanie more often this fashion week, as the game will release exclusive costume variants.

The Pokemon Go Fashion Week event takes place from September 27 until October 3, 2022, and features a new Shiny form of Mareanie and unique outfits and Pokemon. The event also features Timed Research, which requires you to battle NPC trainers and complete tasks. Upon completing the job, you will be rewarded with a shiny Pokemon. New Shiny Pokemon available during the event include Diglett, Absol, Toxicroak, and Mareanie.

As a bonus, the new Raid Boss, Mareanie, will wear a stylish outfit in the game. You can also try to find costumes for Mareanie in the Raids and Mega Raids. The costumed Pokemon will also appear during the timed research, and the outfits will reward you if you collect them. You can also take pictures of these Pokemon, which may surprise you with a surprise appearance.

Mareanie is a new Poison and Water-type Pokemon that made its debut in Pokemon Go. The fashion challenge will include 11 tasks for players to complete during the fashion week, but not all of them will award a Mareanie encounter. In addition to Mareanie, there will be new costumed Pokemon, avatar items, and stickers.


Toxapex is a new Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and it has a lot of bulk that makes another Pokemon pale in comparison. This Pokemon can be a severe contender in the Great League and can back up its size with a wide variety of fast moves, including Gunk Shot, Sludge Wave, and Muddy Water. This Pokemon also has a decent win list and only loses to hard counters and Poison-resistant Steel. However, Toxapex can also beat Toxicroak and Umbreon.

Toxapex is a new Pokemon in Pokemon Go that can be bred into Mareanie. This Pokemon will be available to capture in the wild and evolve into Toxapex using Mareanie Candy. It will also make an excellent addition to your gym or PVP team. Mareanie and Toxapex will also be available to catch as eggs. As you can see, there is a lot more to come in the game, so follow the Game Haus for updates!

The Toxapex Pokemon can be caught in the wild or through the Fashion Week event window in Pokemon Go. You can also get it as a reward for Research Tasks. It can be evolved into Toxapex by collecting 50 Mareanie Candy. However, this item is costly and will only be available during Fashion Week.

Season of Light

The Season of Light event has come with several new items and challenges, so get ready to dress up! This new part of the game is also a great way to earn Prime Gaming Rewards. There are also special quests for the latest event, which you can find in the Research tab. Whether you want to learn more about Cosmog or get some cool Pokemon GO stickers, the new Season of Light event will have something for everyone.

The new event in Pokemon Go is called “Season of Light.” This season lasts for ten days and starts with the return of Professor Willow from the Ultra Wormhole. In the first week of this new event, you’ll be able to meet mysterious new Pokemon, such as Cosmog. You’ll also be able to do a new Special Research quest line that’ll reward you with new items.

Fashion Week is a research quest you can complete in Pokemon Go, and you’ll have to finish it before the weekend. You’ll have until Monday to meet this challenge, and you’ll only be able to earn the rewards if you complete the research before the deadline. For details, I spoke to Pokemon Go fan Amiibofan101.

You can also earn Season of Light rewards by completing specific tasks in the game. For example, you can make a Toxapex by collecting 50 Candies. This can help you gain more Stardust. The season has new features and rewards, including more Pokemon in the wild.


The Eccentric fashion challenge in Pokemon Go is a new type of challenge that you can complete in the game. It is similar to the Go Tour Challengers found in Kanto Tour. Players must dress eccentrically to meet the challenges, which are Pokemon that appear regularly at different PokeStops.

The challenge is not easy and requires a significant amount of time to complete, but it is worth it to get it right. It requires you to have at least nine Fashion Challengers. You will need to collect them during Fashion Week. There are some new fashion Pokemon you can collect during the week.

The Fashion Challengers appear at Pokestops during Fashion Week 2021, and you can get them by completing Event-exclusive Timed Research during this time. The challenge requires you to collect certain items and battle Fashion Challengers to earn rewards. You can encounter Frillish, Furfrou, and Sneasel as well. There are several guides available online to help you complete the challenge.

The Eccentric fashion challenge is a new type of weekly challenge in Pokemon Go. You can earn points by defeating the Fashion Challenger by wearing the outfits of your Pokemon, so you should practice your businesses. You can have a better Pokemon to beat this challenge. However, it’s always best to use the most fashionable Pokemon possible.


In Pokemon Go, a new type of trainer has been added: the Fashion Challenger. These Pokémon are trendy looking and will challenge you to battle them. Unlike Walk Off Challenges, these Pokémon aren’t difficult to catch, but you should be able to defeat them using your strongest Pokemon.

The three Pokemon used by the Quirky Challenger are Furfrou, Mareanie, and Diglett. Each has different strengths and weaknesses. For example, Furfrou is a Normal type, while Mareanie is a Poison type. Both Pokemon are weak to Electric and Ground moves.

The Pokemon Go Fashion Challenger event begins on Tuesday, September 21, at 10 am local time and will run for one week. This new event is available for all players and will feature new Trainers, Pokemon, and fabulous outfits. You can also find five different Fashion Challenger NPCs outside Pokestops.

You can also compete against other players in the Fashion Challenge. This new event is unique and focuses on costumed Pokemon. After Fashion Week, you can complete tasks for the Fashion Challengers and save them in your field research collection. You can earn a lot of experience and platinum medals if you compete in the event.


If you want to be sassy in Pokemon Go, you should participate in the Sassy Fashion Challenge. This new feature in Pokemon GO will add new research tasks and rewards to the game. It will also introduce new fashion challenges, similar to the Go Tour Challengers of the Kanto Tour.

There are six different types of challenges that you can face during the Fashion Week event. If you’re unfamiliar with these characters, here’s a quick overview: You can fight with them using different types of Pokemon. Every kind of challenger has different strengths and weaknesses.

Fashion Challengers are NPC trainers that appear after you clear a Timed Research task. These trainers do not appear in the wild or Poke Stops but will challenge you to battle them. Each challenger will use a different Pokemon to fight you, and it’s essential to defeat them quickly!

The Sassy fashion challenge will run for one week on September 21, and you can also find new trainers in the game who wear stylish clothing. You can also find five different types of Fashion Challengers outside of Pokestops. Each class has a different style and Pokemon that they choose to use.

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