Types of Decision-Making Styles

There are a few different types of decision-making styles. The first one is called the first alternative style and is used by managers and people who prefer to make clearcut, simple decisions. This style may only look at a couple of alternatives and makes a decision quickly and efficiently.

Managerial style

Managers with an abstract style tend to consider a wide range of information and alternative solutions before deciding. They are also more social than analytical-style managers and enjoy discussing problems with others. They rely on information from systems and people and use creativity to find solutions. In contrast, people with an analytical style are more likely to base decisions on objective data.

Managerial style can be defined as an individual’s preferred approach to making decisions. A manager’s style is based on personal preferences, values, training, and experience. People with an autocratic style tend to centralize power and make decisions by intimidation or threats. This style is not recommended for managers who need to make quick decisions or who want to create a collaborative atmosphere.

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