Rosana Alvarado Carrion – A Political Wardrobe Consultant

There are several ways to dress for the occasion in the political world. One way is to use wardrobe consultants. You can check out the services of Rosana, who has experience in campaigning. She will be able to help you decide on the perfect transitional pieces. Alternatively, you can find your style and design it yourself.


Rosana Alvarado Carrion is an Ecuadorian feminist politician. Born on 19 February 1977, Rosana is the first vice president of the National Assembly of Ecuador. She is also the Minister of Justice and supports same-sex marriage and the liberalization of the country’s abortion laws. Her political career began as a social activist.


The founder of PoliticallyInFashion, Hilary Jochmans, has made headlines in the fashion space for her work. Her organization has pushed for fashion czars in the U.S. and drafted a letter to President Biden calling for such a czar.

The group has been featured in several publications, including Marie Claire, British Vogue, and WWD. Jochmans also serves on the board of Model Alliance. PoliticallyInFashion aims to empower fashion industry professionals to advocate for legislative issues that affect their industries. The group also engages with elected officials on legislative matters to help the industry thrive.

PoliticallyInFashion is also pushing for a comprehensive review of the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides. The group’s call to update the Green Guides comes at a time when the environmental claims made by companies are exploding. In its petition, PoliticallyInFashion says the guidelines need to reflect the current consumer landscape and focus on sustainability claims.

Wardrobe consultants

Politicians and other public figures hire wardrobe consultants to help them look their best and project a professional yet down-to-earth image. In today’s climate, this is a significant decision. Image consultants earn enormous salaries for their services. Fortunately, their services are more comprehensive than just politicians. They also assist public figures in various areas, such as marketing, public relations, and media.

Transitional pieces

Transition is a societal change. It should be part of a broader process that moves society towards more resilient and abundant systems. Therefore, Transitional pieces should be linked to other campaigns, movements, and local or national government policies. If a politician creates transitional pieces, they should be based on the needs of the people they are supposed to serve.

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