About Us

The OSV Crew

Hello! We are so glad you came across our site! We are the Plouzek family and we are nestled in the middle of the midwest, living a life full of adventure. We (Alexis and Marcus) met in junior high and after a long friendship, a few dating stints, and going to all our high school and college dances together, we finally decided that we were pretty much made for each other and decided to make it official. Fast forward almost 5 years and here we are with 2 darling daughters, working full time jobs, and additionally have this hobby-turned-crazy side business that has grown into something we never expected!

Our Story

On my (Alexis') maternity leave with my first daughter, Elsa, I pulled out my great-grandma Vera's vintage 1950's Singer sewing machine and made a few applique onesie and wonky scrap fabric dolls while Elsa napped (and oh, was she a great napper!). On a whim, and after some encouragement from family and friends, I put the products on Facebook. And just like that, the power of social media took over and orders started coming in. We thought this unintentional side gig would be a nice little creative outlet and maybe bring in a few extra dollars for our massive daycare bill.

We quickly discovered that our eye for designs and colorful statement pieces filled a niche that our customers were longing for. Our garments certainly stood out in a crowd, and customers kept telling us their Oh So Vera gear garnered the "Oh my gosh, where did you get that darling outfit?!" kind of response from strangers on the street. And so the "hobby" grew...and grew.

Since then, we have blossomed into a REAL business designing whimsical children's apparel, accessories and keepsakes and pride ourselves in beautiful prints, oh-so-soft fabrics, and products that are as functional as they are fashionable. As practical parents ourselves, we only design and sell garments and accessories that we can confidently say our children would (and do!) wear and use on a frequent basis. We are constantly innovating, staying up on the latest trends, and improving our process so we not only have the most adorable clothes you've ever seen, but also provide a personal customer experience that is rare in our fast-paced, digital world.  My sweet southern belle of a great-grandma, Vera, was incredibly personable, over the top in her fashions and expected nothing the best - and thus, we carry on her legacy through our business model and pass along those same Vera-esque qualities to our customers. We provide fabulous fashions and give you nothing but the best  - a very Oh So Vera business, indeed.