How Fashion Influences Who Politicians Pick Clothes For

You can tell who a politician is by the clothes they wear. Generally, they wear clothes that are neutral in color. However, some politicians make a statement through their clothing. Often, politicians pay to have clothes designed and purchased for them. They may also get help from stylists who contact brand ambassadors and showrooms. There is also the possibility that some politicians will borrow clothing from designers who would rather not have them returned.

Traditional politicians

There’s no secret that fashion has a significant impact on the way politicians are perceived. Politicians’ clothes reflect their style, and in some cases, they’ve positively affected public opinion. While some politicians have been known to go for an old-fashioned look, others have embraced modern trends.

German politicians stick to neutral colors.

German politicians like to stick to neutral colors to avoid controversy. Their coalition colors are green, yellow, and red. While green is considered a symbol of environmental protection, yellow has also been associated with treason and classical liberalism since the 19th century. Yellow is also the color of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), a right-populist and radical party. While the left party prefers pink, brown is a symbol of fascism.

German politicians wear Converse sneakers.

If you’ve ever walked into a political rally in Germany and noticed that many politicians were wearing Converse sneakers, you may have wondered why they’d be wearing them. The shoe has long been a symbol of freedom and rebellion. Converse has been a favorite of artists, musicians, and rebels, including the Ramones, Kurt Cobain, and Karl Lagerfeld.

The visual appeal of Converse sneakers has also made them a favorite among politicians in Germany. While some politicians wear conservative shoes, many women have opted for more progressive footwear like Converse. It’s a way for them to challenge outmoded notions about femininity. Women’s traditional shoe etiquette is either alpha or conservative.

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