Oh, Hello There!

Greetings from the Oh So Vera crew! We are so glad you found your way to our shop! Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the Plouzek family - Marcus, Alexis, Elsa and our newest addition, Rosie. Marcus and I are a husband and wife team that run this side hobby business that has quickly turned into quite a full-time gig (in addition to our real full time jobs!). I started this business on my maternity leave with Elsa less than 2 years ago as a way to pass the time while I was home with a often sleeping babe. Little did I know that a few onesies and scrap fabric dolls would evolve into this - a childrens clothing and accessories line that now has customers across the globe (and little did Marcus know that he was about to turn into the serging extraordinaire!) 

Our brand is whimsical, colorful, sometimes a bit quirky, and makes a statement - just like the little tykes who wear our clothes! We adore the imaginative and uninhibited nature that little humans naturally possess and we strive to have our line reflect qualities. It's been quite an adventure for us - and sometimes a bit of a rollercoaster ride - but we are loving every minute. 

Thank you for taking time to visit our shop and we hope you find something that you just can't live without. And check back in often! We are constantly innovating, creating, and adding new designs to our product line. Thanks again and remember to always be a little over-the-top!


Alexis and the OSV Crew!


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